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The Conservation Leaders Network (CLN) is dedicated to empowering African youth to lead the charge in promoting sustainable development. Our mission is to nurture a new generation of passionate leaders committed to driving impactful changes in environmental and social domains. Through engaging initiatives and innovative projects, we strive to amplify youth voices, champion sustainable practices, and address critical issues facing marginalized communities. At the core of our mission is the belief that by fostering leadership and embracing a holistic approach, we can leave no one behind in our pursuit of a more sustainable and resilient future.

At CLN, our vision is to drive the transition towards a sustainable and eco-conscious world. We envision a future where young leaders, armed with knowledge and a sense of responsibility, play a pivotal role in shaping environmentally friendly practices and fostering positive societal change. We aspire to create a network that transcends borders, uniting youth across Africa and beyond. Through our unwavering commitment to climate literacy, youth empowerment, and innovative solutions, we aim to inspire a global movement towards environmental preservation, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. CLN envisions a world where sustainability is not just a goal but a shared responsibility embraced by every individual and community we touch.

CLN has membership across 44 African countries, comprising over 150 young people working on over 50 projects for the sustainable development of their communities and countries.



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We Work Differently to keep The World Safe

  • Conserve to Preserve

    Using indigenous knowledge to protect ecosystems for future generations.

  • Climate Action

    Mitigating global climate challenges together.

  • Sustainability

    Balancing nature and human needs.

  • Energy

    Advancing eco-friendly energy solutions.

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Our Eco-Friendly Projects

  • The EcoCook Project

    The EcoCook Project is dedicated to deploying residential biogas systems that harness the potential of organic waste, specifically fecal matter, to generate sustainable and clean cooking energy. By implementing these innovative home-based biogas systems, the project aims to address environmental concerns associated with waste management while simultaneously providing households with an eco-friendly alternative for cooking fuel. Using biogas technology, EcoCook strives to contribute to a greener and more energy-efficient future, promoting the responsible use of resources and fostering a cleaner environment.

  • The EcoHomes Project

    EcoHomes introduces Ethanol Gel, a revolutionary product that extends clean and eco-friendly cooking solutions to marginalized communities. This innovative solution is an accessible and sustainable alternative for households seeking efficient and environmentally conscious cooking options. By offering Ethanol Gel, EcoHomes aims to address the energy needs of underserved populations, fostering a cleaner and healthier living environment while contributing to the overall sustainability goals. This initiative provides an eco-friendly cooking solution and promotes inclusivity and environmental responsibility, aligning with the vision of creating healthier, more sustainable communities.

  • Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: The Climate and Energy Literacy Campaign

    The Climate and Energy Literacy Campaign, by the Conservation Leaders Network (CLN), is a visionary initiative to catalyze a greener and more sustainable future by placing children and youth at the forefront of environmental stewardship. Recognizing the pivotal role that the younger generation plays in shaping the world's trajectory, this campaign focuses on fostering climate and energy literacy among children and youth to empower them as advocates for positive change.

  • Indigenous Knowledge Project by Conservation Leaders Network

    The Conservation Leaders Network is working on a special project called the Indigenous Knowledge Project. This project is all about learning and documenting the valuable knowledge that indigenous communities have about nature and the environment. We are teaming up with indigenous people to understand their traditional ways of caring for the land and animals. This project is like a treasure hunt for knowledge! We want to collect and save the wisdom passed down through generations in these communities. We aim to document this unique knowledge and ensure it is noticed. We believe that by listening to and respecting the wisdom of indigenous communities, we can make better decisions for protecting our planet. This project aims to build stronger connections between different ways of understanding and caring for the Earth. We see the knowledge of indigenous people as a valuable guide for creating a more sustainable and harmonious world. Learn more / Collaborate with us on this exciting discovery journey by emailing us!

  • Clean Energy project Collaboration with the Econexus Ventures Limited Ghana!

    We're thrilled to share our latest initiative with you! At the Conservation Leaders Network, we're teaming up with Econexus Ventures Limited and Almond Tree Consulting on a groundbreaking project to revolutionize access to clean energy for rural women, homes, and schools in Northern Ghana.

    🔥 Problem: For too long, rural communities have been burdened by heavy reliance on solid wood fuels, impacting their health, environment, and livelihoods.
    💡 Solution: Our collective project introduces unprecedented access to sustainable cookstoves and locally produced ethanol fuel, thanks to Econexus Ventures Limited.
    🌱 Impact: Together, we're not just providing clean energy solutions. We're empowering 300 households and schools, positively impacting over 1,000 lives by the year's end.
    Join us on this transformative journey! Every action counts in making a tangible difference. Let's ignite change, one household at a time.  

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What Our Members Say About Our Network

David S. Neuman
"I find inspiration in CLN's dedication to advancing sustainable development. Our planet faces threats from environmentally harmful activities, and I firmly support CLN's vision. Together, we can make the world a better place for everyone".

Joseph Turay

Creator of EcoBuild, a sustainable building alternative crafted from plastic waste in Sierra Leone.


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Our Member Stories

  • Championing Climate Literacy: Deborah Mukundwa's Dedication to Future Generations

    Meet Deborah Mukundwa, a dedicated Conservation Leaders Network (CLN) member and the Regional Co-Lead for CLN East Africa! A true bookworm and lover of stories, Deborah believes that climate education is pivotal in addressing climate change. Recognizing the gap in addressing climate change and children's right to climate education, she actively ...

  • Reflecting on My Reign: Key Achievements and Challenges as Miss Agriculture Ghana 2023, Ruth Awintanga.

    As the crowned queen of Miss Agriculture Ghana 2023, my journey began on May 1st, 2023, marking the commencement of a fulfilling and impactful tenure. Throughout my reign, I have encountered various triumphs and obstacles, which I am eager to outline in this report.

  • Winifred Awinpoya Atanga: UNICEF Leading Minds Fellow on Climage Change 2024

    Our heartfelt congratulations to Winifred Awinpoya Atanga the visionary Founder of Conservation Leaders Network for being selected as a Youth Fellow for UNICEF ‘s prestigious Leading Minds Climate Action initiative by UNICEF Innocenti. Your dedication to conservation and climate advocacy is truly commendable and sets an exceptional example for the global youth community.

  • Philemon Abanga: Innovations Shaping a Sustainable Future

    In a world where biodiversity is under constant threat, pioneering approaches to wildlife conservation have become indispensable. As ecosystems face unprecedented challenges, innovative strategies are emerging to protect and preserve our planet's precious wildlife.

  • Dorcas Awinsongya: Tamale Girls Senior High School Climate Awareness Campaign

    Last week, Our member Dorcas Awinsongya lead a climate awareness campaign at the Tamale Girls Senior High School (Pagnaa). The campaign is to educate teachers and students on the effects of plastic waste mismanagement and how to properly recycle, reduce and reuse to prevent littering our environment and drainage system causing floods.

  • Route 360 Solutions Initiative: 2024 Sierra Leone Innovates Tech Summit

    We are proud to have been represented by our Route 360 Solutions Initiative team in Sierra Leone at the 2024 Sierra Leone Innovates Tech Summit. The summit is a three day event organized by the Ministry of Communication, Technology, and Innovation, Sierra Leone, brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, experts, and leaders from all works of life to showcase the role of technology and innovation in promoting development in various industries.

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Our News

  • Nurturing Change: Sustainable Development Initiatives in Nyameani, Ghana

    The Conservation Leaders Network Ghana Country Lead Samuel Annobil and his team visited the Nyameani lower Denkyira district, a marginalized local community in the Central Region of Ghana that faces challenges such as poor healthcare and education. In contributing towards sustainable community development, the team shared knowledge, skills, and resources....

  • A reflection from our member Catherine Patrick on her takeaways from the recently ended 2024 United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Catherine says: “ Attending UNEA-6 was a unique experience! Engaging with global leaders, experts, and activists on a platform of shared responsibility for environmental stewardship was truly enlightening.

  • Our member, Ebenezer S. Morlia from Liberia shares his reflection from the recently ended Global Youth Convention by Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance in Capetown, South Africa.

    The Global Youth Convention 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa, was a life changing experience for me, as I represented the youths of Liberia and the Conservation Leaders Network at GYC2024.

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Past Events

  • The Conservation Leaders Network presents: Unlocking the Truth about Climate Change!

    Join us on March 23rd via Zoom for an eye-opening workshop - 'Debunking Common Misconceptions in Climate Change.' 🔍 Don't miss this chance to explore the facts, shatter myths, and equip yourself with knowledge to make a real impact. Register now and be part of the climate solution.

    Saturday 23 March 2024 Time: 2pm GMT / 4pm CAT

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