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Championing Climate Literacy: Deborah Mukundwa's Dedication to Future Generations

Meet Deborah Mukundwa, a dedicated Conservation Leaders Network (CLN) member and the Regional Co-Lead for CLN East Africa! A true bookworm and lover of stories, Deborah believes that climate education is pivotal in addressing climate change. Recognizing the gap in addressing climate change and children's right to climate education, she actively seeks opportunities to bridge the divide. Deborah's mission is to raise a generation of future leaders who prioritise climate justice. To achieve this, she authored "The Whispers of the Savannah," a climate book for children, available in Kinyarwanda-English. The book is an educational tool, going beyond entertainment to instil a love for nature and a sense of responsibility from an early age. Let's support Deborah in shaping a generation that makes informed choices and actively contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change!